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Pretty Hurts

Perfections can get us all one way of another I thought about BeyoncĂ© song pretty hurts I love the way she didn't shy away from it even she is the eyes of many people the most beautiful person in the world might not be how she sees it or she gets pressure to look a way Why do we let it get to you? Most of it is comments from there you become in this self hate As myself I relate is I am known of my outside never nothing more I think guys and females all get it the guys oh you gotta have this manny look they have to be that bad boy and still have not too manny Females we have to have long legs we are looked from what can undress you by the guys eyes You have to be girl next door yet be a run way model What is miss pretty comes in all forms short females like myself we don't have to hate not being born a tall legging girl The chest the size you wear to the weight you weight but it comes down being happy not someone else neck picking you pointing your so call imperfections when t…

That one thing that changed your mind about yourself

Have you ever found yourself keep going right back to the thoughts you been fighting so hard to not go right back to it I been not doing so well with it everything my positive life mindset has been gone I did it all unblock my heartbroken ex I began to think about everything I thought what is wrong with me he has different accounts with random people I have gone through this road so many times I know I shouldn't I lost my confident I needed to ask him I needed to talk to him I needed him in my life Here it went I saw I can write him what he did made me feel as if nothing changed said can we see each other I said no I couldn't do it he would know everything will be on display I would get stuck again I asked him my questions I went on and on of everything why and how and am I? I started crying while writing him I next told him was I no one? yeah I asked that he said no you mean so much I asked about her why? he said was his stupid act because I was having a hard on something wa…

Empowered Hypnosis Wellness Centers App

Hey everyone I know I have been talking about mostly healthy apps this one right here is when you are having a big anxiety attack I have got this one checked so it is approve well this app has many different subjects Since anxiety is trigger all in different events one for all doesn't seem right I have used this app my self when have to go on the taxi I start to feel my heart racing from thoughts I had to deal with at the time The reasons why I recommend this app is because sometimes you are at a place you cant help but feel the way you do you cant just run away you cant at that moment talk yourself to breathe out having a self talk Each trigger you might be experience you can put on the app on play with some headphones as your self care At times you might feel an emotions you need some help not always the person around knows what to do or say to you I am as you know recourses to help is the better I didn't want to post anything I didn't get it checked myself by a  profes…

Prima Donna alter ego vows

She is the queen of vocing her truth sings like her life is a musical She is determined to be the greatest she has ever known She doesn't take orders so well The prima Donna has four things her soul that no one can't take away from her second her voice which she will never stop using three her ability to be her true self with no care anyone's doesn't approve fourth the heart of gold when she loves she becomes so unforgettable where you cant fit into a movie the mark of her love has been printed on her prays She comes with a warning don't fall for her or you will be hers forever don't even try to tell her who to be she will put on a show make you regret you ever tried She loves everything that makes her all she is the dark the tears she put herself on stage so clear she sees everything life has put her through she still is even more proud Says now watch me everyone stand up be proud cry if you have to but must stand up Life isn't over stand say it with me I…

Daily Check List #13

A short term list I thought making this one different since I have put a long term how about a short term Hanging out without having to worry is something I been going through because I tend to think too much what this hangout means to this person The reason is I have been there the word hangout is stressful with the meaning to it Some take it as a romantic way while others is about chilling not more the other one is for information I have always been straight forward with my intentions I am big everything no drama my trust kicks in as well my anxiety so not to think about any of it My idea of the term is just to chill but I faced with people where it was the idea of romantic way  Clear from what if's Making a beautiful playlist is something I been thinking of doing I already made one for the haters and one for not giving up playlist I want to make a playlist is about songs feeling pretty beautiful inside and out kind of a idea of mines plus it is fun going through music putting…

Walking steps counter

I have made it one of my self care is to try this app out it is for setting yourself a goal to become more active When I first tried this app I did 300 steps counted around the house I know what the house I kind of made myself go up and down my stairs doing own house track haha What I do like about this app is how you can set yourself a reminder set a time so everyday you will have notifications on a daily bases Another thing it tells you the estimate time you have been doing the steps it is counted with Kcal I am not sure yet if you can change that part of the settings but you can always translate if you don't use that matter system plus the miles with the steps would of been Today I did 487 I been wanting to do better with this because it is my person goal to do it everyday not every other day I think that is pretty good if set my mind to do it will happen I also been doing in the house because I haven't fault yet confident doing it by my neighborhood that will be my next t…

Love is not my fault

Feelings where I was heart broken I planed to never feel anything in my life my personality was no no I shall never be in love I shall never feel emotions I am too busy I don't want that thing as if it was a object to me I am not going to buy it so if I said no it wont be part of my life fighting it the girl who was so against love not hate it I said I have my romantic comedies I am good I love the idea never really wanted to feel it what if I will get hurt my life is going to be over what if I regret because I always had a special higher meaning it meant way to much I never wanted to be in that game I checked out I met someone I never planned to met he always had my number because of my sister he didn't know that he thought it was hers So when I gave him my number he said oh I always had so you mean I could of talked to you a long time ago I said I guess so We hang out for a very long time he had a secret The secret was to him if him would tell me I would never ever give him…

Self questioners

Hey everyone I have a few questions for you you don't have to answer loud just to think about

What makes you feel confident?What does self love means to you?Do you take the time for yourself?Do you want to live a positive life ? What does it mean to practice positive living?What is pulling you back?What can you do for yourself to make yourself feel good? what is a good habit you can start doing now?

What's the point in these questions? Well to me feeling confident is what drives you to face anything whenever you are feeling confident you find yourself seeing things not a impossible task Self love can be how you accept things into your life when you know it shouldn't accept it in the first place Time for yourself we get so caught up loving others around us when the factor is you also needs time for doing what you love what you can do to feel good Positive life is your own meaning once you have thought about it you become going for it The meaning is different to many people I…

Water loging

This app is pretty use for when you want to set yourself a goal to drink more water through out your day They have a reminder and setting to what you are drinking from to determine the amount of water you just consume To be honest I have been slacking on it we all are have our moments blah ingore I don't want to looking at something that is not so healthy When you see the amount you could of drank I think we sometimes need a healthy reminder say hey don't forget about how much water can play a big part becoming better feel better Living a positive life is not by one factor it is welcoming good habits while you take care your mind thinking positive thoughts how about you are challenging yourself to be better drinking water on a daily basis You will feel more hydrated engery I know when I drink water I feel I am making a good choice choosing to think about my health Drinking water is always told the best remedy whenever you are not feeling so good it cleans our body from within…

Labels laugh to it

Today I am going to bring the feminist of myself out All the females this is your life so party on bring wave the labels dance it off I put this post to celebrate all of us who rather walk alone instead take anything Why? well I had someone who made me laugh what he said? he said want you to be yourself what oh I don't think so this is me You ever had people who wants you to fit they idea who you should be sees you and your sibling wishing you was like your sibling NO bring on whoever cant handle your true self This is for them hear us party no it is not no holiday no birthday this is for the haters day Be our self OK here it is jam it right here They want to box you in when you speak for yourself you are called a feminist GIRLS party it like our place is where we say it is who you suppose to love who you suppose to be When you don't like someone what are called a bitch don't want to settle less break the box  Oh no we are strong suppose to be oh guy no I cant do it to se…