Love is not my fault part 2

When you keep crying over love you become going through is love I didn't get it right why because you want to find answers The reality is not you it is the other person I had been blaming myself for am I the wrong one here Am I missing something as I think these thoughts I came to hey you no you are not in fault some people are not your responsibilities I know I am not use to losing which that is the biggest factor Also how one can feel for someone you don't ever feel for anyone it is too hard but once you do you say is it me No feeling love for someone is not a shame the real shame is the other person who made you feel love should of never I have been saying everything of this love I keep asking people did I do something they say no I asked the love he said you are more than enough more than anyone could ever ask for I don't know you can ask a million people it is ourselves to stop being so hard on our self Love can be a lifeline sometimes you beat with it and without it you don't know you blame yourself They say part of healing is to express what you are feeling the more you do the more you are releasing all the gut pain inside When love for another has taken over your whole being you find yourself realizing you haven't been happy you don't even know how to anymore As I keep on being bear of my daemons inside I learned that I have to remember me At times you want to be everything for someone you not getting it back what you do is blame yourself Don't kid yourself do you truly know this person Yes So what do you know he is a splitting imagine of your own father yeah some of us do that and with that do you know what kind of patterns he does Yes do you know if came from a broken home Yes Have he ever shown any signs of using to gain for oneself Yes Do you know who you are Yes Do you know how you love Yea So why blame yourself instead blaming be proud of your heart Also keep in mind what you been crying about is nothing more but a person who love is true smile about it We cant think just because you are not there it is a lost you are not the this pain I came to relief that it feels like you are alone without him he left you in the cold why did I do something wrong This is never going to go away if I keep on pressing it when hey look all this yes it hurts but this hurt is not because of you it is him Now are you going to blame yourself see he is not doing anything good the signs are right there Games so you got best part so stop blaming you done Love how damn you fought and love your own heart it deserve more you wont let heal Loosing and shame mindset is my battle I know it now all part of our way of turning it into a positive open one eyes love your heart Look at the signs I got the best part thank you for my heart and thank you god for saving me thank you to the guy who truly love me I wont let anyone take it away not mines is yours  thank you to everyone who stood up for me saw my love is not fault who saw me the real me love all of me thank you for myself who had always been strong spoke up for myself always will and always will remember all I believe I have standards like or not who is working on shame

                                    Lyfe Jennings Statistics

Learning the statistics of what you see many of us think it doesn't count with you no way not you "Rule number two
If he's in a relationship
If he will cheat on her that means he will cheat on you" So when I start to blame myself for something I did nothing wrong whoever was part of this act will see not any better just got yourself and a reflection of who you they are not me with a clean heart and mind

Believe in you xoxo


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