Be the friend

Being a friend it can be hard these days it is either trying to get information from you and hurt you with it Also the other kind wants something from you well I reached out to someone I never really talked to in a long time I normally just be formal you know happy this holiday but I knew this person is on the spiritual side which is a goal of mines to part of believing is knowing someone up above is there with you I always have believe it just I don't know the prayers I know the stories I know I grew up with family with great faith So I contact asked for a prayer on peace out of no where saw was on so send a message I myself is trying super hard but this pain doesn't go away my disparate of these emotions is where I am trying to do figure it all out I don't like to feel embarrassed which I have happened to me with a female I have known since 9th grade people would see you in so much pain instead of asking you or even wanting to be there you are there drowning in I cant go to no one I don't know what to do but I don't like to live a lie I pride myself in being everything in truth even it makes me look so oh she's too much You know what being too much because you are saying I am hurting is not my kind of people I shall not live in some pressed I expressed I believe it makes it worst I never want to be angry I rather be open and honest before I become angry and hurt someone for my own pain I don't have all the answers but I think each battle there is a way to show you are not alone with that if you know how it feels why not make sure no one will ever feels that again I been sending out to females I know motivate quotes as myself I never had anyone to do that for me always alone adding name calling to my already pain I feel as simple a text out to people can change someone day I saw it one person I send out something I wasn't looking for anything or wanting to do anything only send a nice message the next thing I know the person post it made a little statement attached to the what I have send her When I saw I thought aww I send that to this person I did gave something the person might of needed You never know what anyone goes through in they life I continue to do what I can only do is try I have a lot of dark moments angry people around making one feel like come on everyone stop it already I found myself disparate for what I know it is power to fake it numb it not go away I asked my heartbreak person if could he didn't let me I thought why it is not like I matter You see I believe I don't matter why because this pain has made me feel I didn't matter at all After you put in so much effect you ask do I matter? It sure doesn't seems like it this heart broke has taken me to a place I was afraid my life his life where and this heart feels so broken from someone who promised me There it goes promised I still don't know why this person didn't let me so do I matter now? I stood seating at church I look around I am trying to find something but I don't all I feel I don't matter I don't know as I keep on I can say I am going through to not shut in completely so for that I am proud of with it all I am still reaching and reaching It always goes back to yourself but trust me in this world I can say I been saying my truth I been all my might yeah it not there Turning a sadness into a positive being a friend sending a nice message out for anything if I don't get it back at least I am making sure no one feels it I don't like how some thinks what they see on the news can never be them or seeing someone right by them could never be in the same position guess what yes it can I never thought myself could ever be touch this much if I only stood to myself I am invisible I was wrong I am hurt I am trying to reach to any females whoever is not in the mindset oh how stupid because has no idea feeling you don't matter For the guy I cant believe it I can love so much to make me think this they say you learn from it you understand the feelings so you not want any other soul So anyone I have message they know I been facing alone something but I am telling them hey you if need anyone I am here

Picture Mariah Carey song Anytime you need a friend
"Anytime you need a friend
I will be here
You'll never be alone again
So don't you fear
Even if you're miles away
I'm by your side
So don't you ever be lonely
Love will make it alright"

  • Be the friend you didn't have
  • Use what you feel so no one wont feel it as well
  • Be the ear  a shoulder if needs one
  • Don't shut in your emotions it is not going to disappear   
 Believe in you xoxo


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