Prima Donna alter ego vows

She is the queen of vocing her truth sings like her life is a musical She is determined to be the greatest she has ever known She doesn't take orders so well The prima Donna has four things her soul that no one can't take away from her second her voice which she will never stop using three her ability to be her true self with no care anyone's doesn't approve fourth the heart of gold when she loves she becomes so unforgettable where you cant fit into a movie the mark of her love has been printed on her prays She comes with a warning don't fall for her or you will be hers forever don't even try to tell her who to be she will put on a show make you regret you ever tried She loves everything that makes her all she is the dark the tears she put herself on stage so clear she sees everything life has put her through she still is even more proud Says now watch me everyone stand up be proud cry if you have to but must stand up Life isn't over stand say it with me I am proud of me


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